Sunday, July 1, 2018

June 2018 : Ulu papar trip : Vehicles

26 June to 29 June 2018
I was participated in rural mobile clinic programme
So here are some short story about my trip.

We went there using 4WD vehicles.

On our way back, we were stucked here around tiku. A villager's car was blocking the road, they cant move their's car due to muddy road. 

Sunset shot at kg Buayan. 

A closer version : the villager's car need to be winch out from the mud. 

The drivers and co drivers are removing some woods from blocking the road. 

Muddy challenge before kg Tiku. 

The 4WD stucked somewhere.

A muddy photo.

 The driver is going to winch another car.

 Muddy means more fun! At Kg Pongobonon. 

This was taken around kg Pongobonon. 

Taken around kg kalanggaan.

Around kg pongobonon.

I was sitting the the front seat.

The other driver, Fred is pulling the winch.

Not muddy, but rocky. Wahahaha...

Taken at the end of the road, kg kalanggaan. We just stop here and walk by feet to the next village.

The village chief's house at Kg kalanggaan.

Kg Tiku scenery.

Kg tiku, which is nearly 20KM from donggongon town.

The Terian river.

The orange one was a school teacher's car.

Somewhere around kalanggaan.

Narrowed road due to sliding land. 

Yes, it was full of fun. Me and my co workers, Jeera.

One of the driver, Himson.

Last picture. Taken around kg pongobonon. 

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