Monday, October 8, 2018

8 oktober 2018

An update about my life.

I am in my 5th semester of my degree with cgpa 3.87
I have an aim to further directly to phd and become a lecturer.

I am getting tired and have submitted my application for work place transfer. I want to go to hospital mesra bukit padang. Well, UMS is my goal.

I dont know what to do with my life
But i just flow according to what God has ready for me.

I already knew how to make cream puffs.
I guess i want to master how to make pastry , especially french pastry.

I want to do a cream puffs business, a online plateform business. I want to become entrepreneur and investor. I want to be able to retired at 35 years old.

Retired at 35 years old is a long lost goal for me. I almost lost all my hope to live my life. I dont want to work as MA my whole life. Can i resign next year? 2019.

Yes, i can.
I want to do my own business
I want to do what i want

Foods must try in Taiwan

"A gei" , a very weird taste local dessert at dan shui. No need to order a lot, because you might find it hard to swallow. The sauce and gravy is the weirdest for me. It doesnt match the taste of the dessert at all. 

 The lamb bone ginger soup at the night market entrance in taipei. I cant remember the shop name, but a very tempting fragrant was spreading everywhere when walking to the entrance of the night market. It was quite expensive, the soup tastes like herbal soup with some lamb in it. The down side is it was served in plastic bowl and spoons. Delicious ? Ermmmmm.. 

The stir fried wild boar at the jiuzhu cultural village town. It tastes good!!!! 

Some local favorite dry noodles and stew pork belly rice. It Is a must try. 

Local bread and pastry. They serve wide vatities of breads and pastries. 

The best drink in town. The black sugar pearl milk and matcha pearl milk. A must try !!!!

Local duck rice. This is yummy !!!!!

Local shaved ices. But i think Malaysian ABC tastes far better than this. 

Fresh juice tea. Mine was golden pamelo, my friends was citrus orange tea.

 One must not forget to try this train bento. Nothing special, just a good experience eating train bento inside a train. Hahahaha. It tastes good when u are hungry.