Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Sandakan foods hunt 山打根美食

Agnes Keith house nearby
English tea house
2km from town area.

Me lying down outside of the 
Agnes Keith house. 

 An apple crumble to die for. The warm and cold combination of Granny smith apple stew and vanilla ice cream make it a must try dessert here. Rm15. 

Warm English scone with authentic strawberry jam and butterly cream. I really love the taste of the butterly cream. Not salty, not sweet but butter! Yummmy.. 

The English tea house open daily until 9am.
Go by Grab or climb the hundred step hiking stair/trails to get there. (hiking sure very tired)


Sandakan homemade kuey teow (broad noodles) with deep fried pork
In Sandakan central market 
(next to harbour mall) 

 Their broth was yummy. 
I would recommend everyone to try the soup version. 

 This is the dry noodle version. Their deep fried pork very delicious. I really love it. Price is cheap Rm4.50 only.

This is their sign. Their stall located at third floor. If you are interested in something local and authentic, you must try this.
They open feom 5:00am to 1:00pm


Local Chinese cuisine
At Kim fung town (miles 4) market.
Open from 12pm -10pm.
Can go by bus or grab.
 Chinese pan fried dumpling with garlic black vinegar sauce. The dumpling crispy skin makes people want to eat it again and again. Usually dip with garlic + black vineger sauce. Rm9.00 

 The stall that selling Malay version peanut pan cake is a must try. Rm1.30 with  mouthful of peanut. It sells bean curd and authetic soy milk as well for Rm1.50 to Rm2 only. 

Can opted for sugar syrup or sugarless. 
They have another option is putting on raw milk, but i think without the raw milk taste better. 


UFO tart at UFO cafe in bandar utama IJM for Rm1.70 only. Can come by bus for Rm1.50 or by Grab Rm11.

 this UFO taste better than San Da Gen Kopitiam version. Seriously, I dont recomend San Da Gen Kopitiam at all. 

These are their desserts that I tried yesterday: 

 UFO tart Rm2.50
Hard cookies and less cream.

Salted egg lava french toast Rm11.90 
This is too oily for me. Maybe you guys will like it.

Salted egg lava croissant

The senario.

Balin Rooftop cafe
7th floor of Nak Hotel
Go to 7th floor by lift then to rooftop through stairs.
 Rooftop view was beautiful during sunset.

Beautiful sky.

 Infamous crab cake 
Delicious and impress!!!

 Oven baked oyster mushroom
I love it!!!!!


Mama resepi ikan bakar 
Mama recipe charcoal grill fish 
At Bandar Utama IJM. 
(a branch from pasar sim sim) 
Their sambal belacan was the best!!!
Rm15 for the fish
Rm10 for squid
Free vegetables with the order of grill fish.
Free drinking water, free 1 rice with every order of fish.


Monday, October 8, 2018

8 oktober 2018

An update about my life.

I am in my 5th semester of my degree with cgpa 3.87
I have an aim to further directly to phd and become a lecturer.

I am getting tired and have submitted my application for work place transfer. I want to go to hospital mesra bukit padang. Well, UMS is my goal.

I dont know what to do with my life
But i just flow according to what God has ready for me.

I already knew how to make cream puffs.
I guess i want to master how to make pastry , especially french pastry.

I want to do a cream puffs business, a online plateform business. I want to become entrepreneur and investor. I want to be able to retired at 35 years old.

Retired at 35 years old is a long lost goal for me. I almost lost all my hope to live my life. I dont want to work as MA my whole life. Can i resign next year? 2019.

Yes, i can.
I want to do my own business
I want to do what i want